Annoying artificial urgency: Vitality and Time

I just started playing this game, played it for about 30 minutes, and already I find myself generally hating it.

Just as I started the game, trying to read the introductory texts around the stones, a robot marched up and killed me in the first five minutes. Lovely.

I love sneaker games. Loved Thief I and II, the first Far Cry, and the Dishonored series. In these games I am able to lurk and scope out the best way to handle situations at my own pace and progression.

But in SYABH, I am not permitted to think carefully about the environment and the threats. I am compelled, no, forced to be quick and not really try to plan anything because of the vitality that ticks down to zero in just a few minutes.

Meanwhile, the day/night cycle is preposterously fast and doesn’t really allow any time strategize and plan movement in the night-time hours. Er, nighttime minutes.

There should at least be some way to hide out and sleep through the daytime, so movement is only done at night.

Also apparently there really isn’t much in the way of overhead spying, so planning movements and peeking down from the windows of abandoned buildings is not possible. I will be looking at grass and dead trees up close, for most of this game.


At this point I am going to be hunting for mods to slow both vitality and time progression down by at least 10 times the standard rate, and some way to sleep in an abandoned house until nightfall.

Otherwise, eh, I think this game may have been a waste of money. Will Steam allow for refunds?

Yes, I would love to have had a ‘slow down’ feature too. As it is the combat becomes more like a FPS than a stealth game.