BUG Flickering keymaps

I’m on mobile so I can’t posts logs right now, but the bug I see is anywhere there is a key map displayed.

What will happen is as the mouse moved the key map will rapidly flicker (like every frame) from say [Mouse1] or [M] to [[UNDEFINED]]. It happened a lot the first time I played the game. I saved and reloaded in an area towards the middle of the map and now it is happening less frequently.

It happens most visibly on the overlay tool tips in the top left or middle bottom of the screen, but it’ll also do it on any menus that show mapped keys in their text.

I need to try returning to the starting area, or making a new game to see if it returns. But if this is a known issue I’ll drop it.

Thanks for the report - I don’t think we’ve seen this before. If you could share your log that would be most helpful!


I have a private youtube video of it happening. If you send me your email address (does this forum have DM?) I’ll share it with you.

Two further comments.

  • It’s really view angle dependent. If I can find the location where the keys all change to [[UNDEFINED]] I can hold the mouse still and they’ll stay that way. I can also walk forwards and they’ll stay that way, but move the mouse and they flick back.

  • I have a joystick plugged in that I’m not using. I wonder if it’s detecting that and trying to switch over to ‘gamepad’ profile? Being a flight stick I’m sure there is input wobble all the time.

Yup. Just jumped in to test that theory. moving the joystick makes it flicker, and unplugging it stopped it.

So it might be a similar bug to:

Ah yeah, if you’ve got some input coming from two different sources it’ll try and flip between the two. Not sure what we can do about that apart from make you specify a device and lock out any other until you actually switch device in a menu (which would defeat the whole purpose of the live updating of [keys] thing…) Will ponder. Ta!

How about only switching controllers on a button/key press? Flight sticks often jitter x/y/z and if you have one you probably leave it plugged in as I do.

Or is it possible to only auto switch to “gamepad” type device profiles? They shouldn’t jitter unless the sticks are loose. I can think why anyone would want to play an fps with a joystick!

It must be possible because other games that detect my wireless 360 pad when it’s on, have never detected my joystick.

Only on Keypress/Button as opposed to axis is a good idea. Will discuss with the team, thanks!

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