[BUG] Massive slowdown in top left map area

I don’t know if I can reproduce this one without starting a new game. I don’t have a log from the exact moment, and the bot is dead now.

In the top left of the map there is an irradiated area, with a spider bot that launches (summons?) flying bots.

It was a really cool, intense, atmospheric fight btw! A real heart pumper. Damn those sounds are good.

But when I got near the spider bot, there was a fair bit going on (flying bot shooting, rocket laser thing blasting), and the game slowed down massively. Not just fps, but to the point where input was sticking and it would periodically hitch. Complete halts. When the spider bot was dead it cleaned up. I’ve noticed it in a few places in the top left since then, but only momentarily.

I don’t have a godmode PC, but it’s pretty good (https://pastebin.com/8KwR57vh), it hasn’t had any slow downs apart from that. It there some optimising that can be done on that spot specifically? It might be related to the radiation filter.

Oh also, in the irradiated zones there is no HIT indicator. That’s possibly deliberate (connection damaged etc.), but the result of that is I did not know if I was actually allowed to damage the spider bot at all!
It was the first one I’ve seen, and the popup talked of warped spacetime, and it’s a bullet sponge. So I was periodically wondering “am I even damaging this? Perhaps I’m not supposed to be able to shoot it”.

There are a few areas, and I think that is one, where there is an earthquake-style effect that briefly takes control from the player and shakes the view. Could this be what you’re referring to? It also occurs on both the alternate ending signals, have you got to one of those yet?

Not yet, but I’m getting close :grinning: Some hard as nails bases in the right side of the map, and friendly bots aren’t showing up to help!

I meant the radiation effect in the top left it adds a fuzzy filter to the view.