BUG Missing mouse cursor and UI issues on menu screen


I’ve run into a couple of very annoying issues on the main menu screen :

  • The mouse cursor is invisible until I click on one of the buttons of the main screen ;
  • Once I’ve clicked on any button, I can navigate the menus just fine but if I ever try to get to the main menu by clicking the “back” button, the menu disappear. At that point, basically the only thing I can do is exit the game by pressing Alt+F4.

Changin the resolution or the graphics settings makes no difference.

These issues have just popped up. I could play the game no problem before.

Oh ! and thanks for making this gorgeaou game !

We’re struggling to reproduce this. Can you try reinstalling the game on the next patch (later this week) and see whether you still have it?

Hi there,

Just to let you know that today’s patch hasn’t fixed the issues i mentionned.

Hmm this is very odd, I’ve a few questions that might help us to track it down.
How many monitors do you have? Are you running the game windowed or fullscreen (and at what resolution) do you alt-tab at all or switch tasks/windows any other way (i mean if you don’t id be interested if alt-tabbing about brings the mouse back? Is it a traditional mouse?

Also if you could attach the output log for a play session where you have had to alt-f4 that woudl be great too

“your game log file. On Windows, this file is called output_log.txt that can be found in a folder called thesignalfrom_Data, within the game’s folder. (You can share the content of this file using Pastebin9 or similar service and link the result here.)”


I run the game fullscreen on the only monitor i have. I usually don’t alt-tab but i did just try to in-game, but that didn’t bring the cursor back.

My mouse is a logitech G400, so nothing fancy.

Below is my current output_log.txt that was generated after i had to alt-f4 out of the game just right now.


Thanks for looking into this

The logfile suggests that one or more of your save games can’t be loaded, and that’s causing the menu to break when it displays the list of games. Coincidentally, I’ve put a fix for this in the next build already - but I’d be interested to get hold of your Save Game files if you can share them?

Deleting/moving the save files should fix the issue. They’re found here:

C:\Users\<userName>\AppData\LocalLow\Big Robot Ltd\The Signal From Tölva\SavedGames

You are right. Turns out one of my save files has a size of 0 bytes. Moving it does fix the issue !