[BUG] On current Fedora 28 keystrokes are being repeated


HW: Intel i5 with a Nvidia GTX950m
OS: Fedora 28 GNOME 64 bit


it seems that the version of unity3d the game is using atm is suffering from the following bug:

If you need further information (Logs etc.) feel free to contact me.


Hi, thanks for the report. Tolva is built with the latest LTS version of Unity, which this bug was reported fixed in, but there have been a couple of reports that this may not be the case. I’ll chase Unity again to see if there’s any more information…



the problem seems to be gnome3 (and their compositor mutter) related. I did a retest with xfce and its running fine. Many Ubuntu users use gnome3 and i see several complains from them on different forums. So maybe there is regression.