Bug Report: Game crashes at weapon loadout


after a short amount of time in the loadout screen my game crashes. I switch between various weapons and items and then the screen goes black and i end up on the desktop.

System Specs: i7 3930k, 32GB Ram, GTX1080, Win10

Output_log here: http://chopapp.com/#jyrkmm9e

thanks in advance for help.

and if i shoot the normal sidearm FPS goes down to 20ish. Anywhere in the game…

Can you confirm whether you have a virus checker running?

That pistol fps drop is very odd, too. Your drivers are all up to date, presumably?

The virus scanner (Kaspersky) does not scan the Steam partition at all. All drivers are up to date.

Are you running the game from a partition that is not C:, then? I just wonder if Kapersky is blocking the save game being written, as that is in /roaming/ under Users on C:.

That log file link is coming up blank for us, by the way.

correct. the game is installed at d:\steam… Saving works fine imho. The log file needs time to fully load and to display. it is like 10k lines long o.O

Aha. That is probably going to be the issue then :smiley:

37131 to be exactly :fearful:

at line 37013 i changed my user name for obvious reasons

Looks like we fixed this issue for next patch. We’re just discussing deployment at the moment.

the sidearm bug or the CTD issue?

Hopefully both! Definitely the sidearm.