[BUG] Scan not working


Hi, I just bought The Signal From Tölva on steam sale and when arriving at the first scan objective I noticed that I see just a screen wide flash and then nothing happens. I read here on the forum that there was an issue with a flash and the scanner but for me there is no scanner at all. I viewed a YouTube play true and pressing G should open a scanner type thing and show me an alien like moving thing over the metal object when using the scanner.
I tried rebinding to an other key but no go.
I tried deselecting all the video options but no go.
I tried finding out if I can finish the game without use of the scanner but did not found anything useful.

Is there something that I am missing here or is the scanner just bugged and not working ?

Also, when in game and I go to options to change something, the mouse cursor is over my cross-hair when I come back in the game, I have to quit and reload to get rid of it…

Thanks in advance,