Could you have some Kickstarter campaign to update SYBH to Unity 5 (for improved performance) and 64bit (so it could work on future versions of macOS)... and maybe add some new features or port it to iOS too?

Hello… I bought “Sir You Are Being Hunted” before because I liked that game and I wanted to support it… but now that Apple has announced that High Sierra will be the “last macOS release to support 32-bit apps without compromises” and SYBH is a 32-bit app and it doesn’t seem to work in Parallels (at least when I tried it under Win10 in Parallels 11 VM) to play it in a VM if it stops working after High Sierra, I’m wondering what will happen to it… I don’t want to see it become abandonware that can’t be played on future versions of macOS.

Could you maybe have some Kickstarter campaign to upgrade it to Unity 5 (I’m guessing that Metal support would probably improve performance a lot) and to make it 64-bit so people could still play it after High Sierra?

And I’m guessing that many people who bought the game before would probably help support the project again if it was upgraded and if maybe some extra features were added (for example, player vs player mode and some players could be robots… or maybe players could form teams and when they collect all pieces the whole team could gather around those pillars to put the last piece for all of them to escape the island… etc).

Or maybe you could even port it to iOS (now that iPhones and iPads are much more powerful than they once were) and get even more people interested to support the game :slight_smile:

It’s a fun game and if you have another Kickstarter project to continue development of SYBH, I would spread the word around in Mac-related groups and forums :slight_smile:

I’d be up for this - I love “Sir” and it’s a family favourite to play together.