Final thoughts 👍

That was really good. I’ve just now finished the two endings.

The world was really pretty, the bots were fun to fight, and the fiction was engaging. I loved the way the world was split into biomes which flowed into each other to give different areas a different character with excellent rock formations. The giant trashed robots, and structures, and one very sad robot. I think you’ve really earned the title Big Robot with this one!

Combat never got entirely predictable. Sure by the end I could guess what the enemy was going to most likely do, but their movement could still catch you off guard. Instead of everybody bee-lining towards you they would take unusual routes around rocks and come out from unexpected angles. That’s really quite rare.

The audio was also amazing. For a game where the weapons are all energy based it didn’t end up sounding all pew pew and weightless. The tink, and ping of lasers hitting metal were great. Also the atmospheric sounds, and occasional musical refrains… all fabulous. Some parts were really spooky, and that was as much due to the audio as the visuals.

Lastly the story itself was very reminiscent of some good sci-fi authors. There’s the obvious shout out to Banks, but a lot reminded me of Tony Ballantyne or M. John Harrison.

One last beta thing. In the text of “Mission Report: A Foreign Agent”: “Hammerhead mind lost its mind” perhaps consider a slight rephrase. If you are a mind can you lose your mind? :smiley:

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