Going behind scenery in Various Places

At first I got really excited thinking I’d found a secret, but then I realized I was running around the hills behind the scenery when I looked through the back of the Dirac Corrugation walls. Also I could get quite far in them thar hills; I made it all the way back to behind the start area before I got bored - it was well spooky.

You can totally go up that beam no problem (at least in 1.31).
By the way that would be an excellent place for a secret area (seriously those rocks are like a goal post, and the goal is secrets).

PS: I found where the signal actually comes from.
It comes from this spooky tower.

If you need to make a cool mordor looking area, your job is basically already done.
There’s something to be said for seeing a tall structure in the distance and running over ominous black hills for 10 minutes before reaching its colossal bulk floating over a black void.

Nice catch, might make you edge-of-the-world-finder-in-chief, fancy trying to find any more escape routes like that? :smiley:

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Challenge accepted.

I have discovered a glitch that can shoot the player up quite high and let them climb sloping surfaces (the near vertical ones). I haven’t tested how well it works anywhere other than the Copper Fields, but due to the design of the rocks in that area it works on a fair number of the surrounding walls (most places you can’t really do much except just bounce up really high, but other places allow you to climb your way out of the map).
Basically, if you strafe into a sloping surface and mash the space bar (it seems that pressing once and holding also works), you’ll get stuck but eventually it’ll shoot you up into the air a fair distance.
EDIT: You don’t necessarily have to strafe, but it seems to produce the best results


This rock is at the ambush site between the eastern Copper Fields bunker and the System Trench
If you do the thing I described above, it’ll shoot you way up so you can reach this ledge:

There you can try it at various point along the ledges (if you go around the corner to the right of where I’m looking it’s really easy).


OK, thanks. We’ll do something to address the physics catapulting, but we’d still like to know of any areas that let you escape the world without using that exploit. Keep hunting for those!

There’s one in Wolf Chasm. It looks hard to find on the screenshot because it’s night time, but it’s really easy to spot (there should probably be a big rock there or something)

It’s basically walking behind one of the pointy stone pillars, jumping on top of the rock ledge, then jumping over the gap in the screenshot (no glitch needed, you just go right over).

Blop, found another one directly west of the northern Tension Gulf spawn beacon (that’s its shadow on the sshot).

You can walk jump on that outcrop, then walk up the ledge. It does block your movement before you can get to the very end of it and cross over, but if you back up a step or two then jump to the ledge on the right, you can then continue walking up (or choose to jump on the other ledge like here):

Aaaaand another one in the same vicinity (right on the boundary with Trip gully)

You can easily jump on top of the short edge of the base, then follow it until you reach a hole in the wall

This is great, thanks :slight_smile:

Most of these will be fix in next patch.

As of 1.45, found this one in the Sleipnir Fracture:

It’s directly under the ship beam resting on the rock. If you walk on the left you get stuck even by crouching, but if you jump on that outcrop on the right, you can walk right out of the map no problem.

This one also in the Sleipnir Fracture:

It’s a tricky jump in that it requires to jump from a specific distance to hit those white texture bits right at the apex of the jump, but after a few tries it’s very easy to repeat. From there you can just walk up rocks

Blop, Sleipnir Fracture again (not sure how I missed all of these my first pass):

This big rock can just be walked on, like all of it even the really sloped bit on the left side. Just go right up, no problem.

Solar Ravine, inside the maze:

That particular tunnel entrance doesn’t reach the rock so you can just go behind it and walk through the scenery.

Related, I noticed all the tunnel entrances seem to have a noticeable seam in the middle: