Hint/Tipps window is flickering


After resolving previous issues, I encountered another minor inconvenience…

The hint/tipps window in the upper left corner is flickering wildly on my PC. It seems to be partly due to switching of the text in the window, referring either to keyboard to gamepad input (I have both installed and active), but I also had entirely white windows in between.

Similar switching of the text happened in tutorial screens, though it was much less “wild” and only concerned the relevant sections of the text, not the entire window.

The white flare indicates a message we want to draw focus to, the rapid flickering of text (and thus in some cases the white flare) for you suggests that it’s constantly swapping between gamepad and keyboard input detection. Perhaps your controller is giving some input constantly. Does the flicker go away if you disable controllers in the options menu? (or unplug it entirely?)

I have controller disabled (in fact it’s not even plugged in) and I still occasionally get the pure white box (no flicker on my end though).

Same for me. I disabled the controller in the options and the phenomenon persisted. Haven’t tried unplugging it yet.