How to post a useful bug report


So, Tölva is broken, you say? That’s great! Well… it’s not great, obviously, but it’s good that you’re here to tell us about it. We’d like to fix it!

To improve the chances of that happening, there are a few things you can do for us. Mostly: tell us about it! A useful bug report will contain at least the following information:

  • *a description of what happened, up to and including what went wrong. The more detail the better,
    generally (“Robots were broken” versus “I loaded a savegame at point X and point Y and fired my mushroom gun and then all the robots’ arms fell off.”)
  • if you’ve seen it more than once: what do you think was the same each time? What (if anything) do you think was different? (E.g. “this only happens after I’ve used the map.”)
  • your machine spec: operating system & version, processor, memory and graphics card as a minimum.
  • your game log file. On Windows, this file is called output_log.txt that can be found in a folder called thesignalfrom_Data, within the game’s folder. (You can share the content of this file using Pastebin or similar service and link the result here.)

Thanks for your help!

Tölva testers in here


No Sound bug

There’s a low buzzing/hissing on the main menu screen, no other sound anywhere else

Running on an MSI GE62 Apache 6QF laptop, Windows 10, Nvidia GTX970M

Levels are at max in-game, other games work fine. Reinstall didn’t help, Steam validates game files with nothing missing


So far I have very little time in the game, but can I say that from what little I have experienced I love it, the art style, combat and exploration are tons of fun. I would like to get into closer contact with you devs as I (Being a Software QA in training) would like to send you some wonderful bug reports in order to make the game more fun for everyone.


Thanks for the post - the best place for bug reports is here in the forums. They’ll be picked up pretty quickly :slight_smile:


Nice Post.