Latest patch now live: 27/04/17

Hello there!

We’ve just made a new patch live (on Steam, with all other platforms to follow in the next few minutes). It shouldn’t change anything in your ongoing saved games, but please do let us know if you spot anything.

We’ve included the option to launch the game with a free cam mode if you’re into screenshot stuff. Beware it can and will break the game, so we’ve kept it to a command line option. Take a look in the readme.txt in the root for details, and then follow instructions on screen. It will allow you to capture nice panning video as well as super-high res screen dumps.

Patch bits:

-Fix Traveller achievement. (Jim’s fault! Sorry.)
-Make all zones/weapons/missions achievements unlock when loading save games.
-Make rank achievements unlock when attaining any higher rank (so, e.g., hitting rank 3 will also grant the rank 1 achievement if you don’t already have it).
-Reverted to non-exclusive fullscreen. We tried this out because a few people had requested it and exclusive was slightly faster, but it proved too annoying. Unfortunately because it’s a build-only function in Unity we can’t offer it as a game option.
-Added difficulty selection. This is a bit of a work in progress as it only currently changes the damage taken by the player. In future we might also look at imposing different behaviour “personalities” on these guys depending on difficulty options. Beware Easy is VERY EASY :slight_smile: Difficulty can be applied in your current game.
-Added tourist camera option (see readme.txt in game folder root).
-Included lorebook PDF in game folder for ytour convenience - this is still in the manual for the Steam page, too.
-Fixed some scoped weapons inverting axes when zoomed.
-Dropguns now take damage on their wings.
-Maze achievement timer no longer keeps counting if you transfer to a new drone from the maze.
-Increased size/legibility of contextual help.
-Hiding HUD no longer changes overall game colour.
-Added readme file to explain tourist mode.

That’s all for now. We’re going to be adding more stuff in the coming weeks and should have news about Other Things soon!

PS: if you are interested in development stuff we have a new devblog up over here.



I am actually “into screenshot stuff” and I found the “Tourist Mode” a bit irritating :slight_smile:

Sure, analog sticks are superior for taking smooth videos, but that is about it. Your implementation is very counterintuitive even with a controller. WASD, controllable fast movement with like 5-8x player speed and in general basic shooter mouse/kb control is perfect for fast and reliable camera positioning when it comes to static pictures. I would really like if you revisit that mode and make it a lot less a game of itself.

Other options I would like to see are altering the day of time, the fov on demand and tilting. If possible during runtime, altering visual fidelity such as shadow render resolution and distance or lod control.

Well it was a tool we made for panning shots in videos, rather than anything else. We could certain add some more features like time of day in relatively easily. I’ll stick them on Tom’s task list ;D

Thanks, would be great. There are still dinosaurs around that rather take hires images from great looking games and not so much gifs or videos :slight_smile: