Multiplayer and Matchmaking


I love this game, and it’d be great to have some type of multiplayer game mode. Even though the game is fairly long, it still has an end, which sucks, because you can only replay a game so many times. I think we could have, for example a 6v6 team death match, or a game mode similar to the premise of PUBG. Even just a co-op mode would be great!

For the 6v6 TDM, there would need to be new maps, as the current one is way to big for that style of game. Though for the battle royale styled game mode the current map is fine, though a new one would be nice. The co-op mode would just be the regular campaign with a friend or a few other people depending on if it’s a 2 person or 4 person co-op.

These are all just ideas, that unfortunately, probably won’t happen. But I do hope that they get taken into consideration by the devs. Maybe one day it’ll happen, either as a mod or an official update. Either way, it would be awesome.

Anyways, thanks for reading this!
I’ll see you around.