Multiplayer Sir - failed to connect to master server

I can’t seem to play multiplayer Sir any more. I can start the server but looking in the log file I see this:

Failed to connect to master server at

The people I want to play with can’t get a list of servers to join (and nor can I) even though the server appears to be running.

Is there anything we can do about this or is multiplayer Sir dead?

Steve H

Hi! It looks like the master server fell over at some point recently (unfortunately it’s an old and slightly flaky Unity-based server that is no longer supported and upgrading it isn’t feasible). I’ve given it a poke and it should now be working again. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Excellent, just checked and it’s working now Dan, thanks :slight_smile:

Thinking down the road a bit, if there comes a time when multiplayer Sir does go the way of the dodo is there a way I can host a server myself and change the IP address that the game is looking for? (Asking a lot I know!)

Thanks again,

The master server provides the browsing functionality - when that’s down (or when it eventually dies forever), you can still use the direct-connect to connect to a server. That does require that you set up port forwarding & such on your router, but it should always be an option regardless of the state of the master server.

Hope that’s of some reassurance! :wink: We’ll keep the master server running for as long as we can, though.

Hi Dan
Has the “Sir Server” gone down again? Any chance it can be resuscitated. We’re having trouble with the local server too. What port does it listen on?

Hi - thanks for the message! It had indeed fallen over again, and I have pulled it back to its weary feet.

The game listens on port 44466 by default. The documentation here includes the method for running a server on a port of your choice, in case that helps!



could you plz just fix it my little brother loves this game and playing multiplayer with me and he cant seem to join

Hey Dan!
Even if you don’t want to keep the main server up, could you please re-upload the instructions for how to run a server on the port of our choice? the document you linked above is no longer visible.
Thanks so much for your hard work!