Object Already Scanned bug - Dirac Corrugation

This objects says it’s been already scanned but this is the first time I’ve been here because I’ve just got the hazard shielding so I couldn’t have been here before.

Also the big ship in the background can’t be examined with the binoculars, it just says range infinite on the range finder. The other ships will tell you who they belong to when examined.

Just been there myself and found the same thing. Took out a sentry bot, scanned an object, then went up a load of stairs etc and told I’d already scanned the next item. Maybe you only need one item from there.

Talking of Dirac, I’m currently stuck in a spooky underground bunker in the region. There was a spooky ghost like apparition and now the map loops constantly. Is there some knack of getting out? These buildings seem to consist of portals that seamlessly teleport you as you go but the way you came in is never the way you come out. There’s a base early in the game with the same issue but I got out, but I’ve been stuck here for about 20 minutes losing my sanity! Maybe that’s the idea!

Can’t possibly comment…

(Don’t forget though, in case you’re still there, that you can always abandon your drone and hack into a new one. There is always a way out, though…)

I got out (I could have spawned elsewhere but nearest site was a few minutes away. I knew I had to use the sensor mode to find the right portal but it’s a pain and general consensus here seems to be no-one knows what is going on. We have all stumbled upon these ships/bunkers etc and get stuck in a maze with no explanation. Maybe the logs tell you more but there’s little need to read them as the story etc isn’t really pushed and you’re not really pointed towards the next climatic encounter.

The bunker itself and others like it are quite spooky and with the ambient music/sounds actually add a ton of atmosphere and creepiness. I think Big Robot are missing a trick here by not having more narrative that pushes you towards these places. I had lost a lot of interest in the game, but once I could traverse the hazard zones and found these oddities I really got back into it. I felt like I was trapped in some of kind of 2001 Space Odyssey moment when I couldn’t get out and saw that …thing…

Likewise. I had a feeling of “Ooooo sneaky buggers” which then moved to “grrrr WTF am I meant to be doing here”. I persevered due to the spirit of the game being you’re exploring this world with little foreknowledge, but RP aside, I got through by sheer stubbornness and frankly felt relieved and stupid in equal measures once I’d got out but little satisfaction. :slight_smile: Maybe some small indicators on the walls would help, certainly an end goal to strive for and that is communicated (don’t tell me I missed them!). Had feelings of The Witness, Myth and Tomb Raider when in there and then ultimately felt that they’re indeed missing quite a few tricks there.

Add some visual guidance on the walls so you can try to map out what’s going on or have an upgrade available for the scanner that aids in some small way. Put in some buttons, these should indeed be bonus tombs to raid and not easy to solve but it needs more than one puzzle element. And reward and communicate completion, I’d say there could be a whole additional tier of tech that could gathered and story discovered through these places.

We have a few internal views on the mysterious bunkers (there are roughly 4 of them). One half of the team want to keep them as mysterious and unexplained as possible, and the others want a bit more context and direction. One of the issues is that we dont want them to be mandatory parts of the mission chain, because some people totally hate that sort of space-warp puzzle and it would cause some rage quits! It woudl be nice to do more with them, but I expect we will have to wait until weve fixed any bugs before we get back to tinkering with them.

As for the double scanned object bug, we will check it out!

I’ve been seeing those … Things all over the map, whenever I come across a signal of some importance, one of them (or the same one?) briefly materializes over the location, try scanning them with the binoculars you can read their thoughts. I’ve been calling them greys the closest I’ve ever seen one was in Dirac Undulation. I also agree though I need some context here, I have no Idea what’s going on still and I’ve covered half the map. Who or what is the old culture? What are these giant mech ruins I keep finding? What was that whole thing with the signal shard sticking out of the ground about? What are these rolling beeping things (Interlopers)? Who owns these unmarked drones? Who or what is an information broker? What’s the backstory of these 3 factions that obviously hate each other? I’m nearly rank 4, have the maul and I still don’t know these things. I got all excited when I found the bunker because I thought I was finally going to get an explanation and some answers, but nope just a mysterious grey and some more wandering. It’s good to have a mysterious story, but even the best mystery has to wrap up at some point. I think many people will lose interest if the overarching plot isn’t a little more clearer.

The double scan object has been fixed and should be in a future build shortly!

Still happened to me today. Not sure if old save from before affected it but just got there today in new build #25287 (old save) and still the datum on at the top of the ramps says ‘already scanned’.

Hi there,

I just re-checked the IDs for those scannable objects and there are no duplicates anymore. However if your old save file had marked one as scanned in the previous setup (where there were duplicates) it woudl still report as ‘already scanned’ in a current build. Sorry about this, but it shouldn’t effect any of the mission hand ins or so on.

Many thanks!