OFFICIAL: Known issues


This post will be updated to show known breaking issues in the current build.

Unless stated otherwise, please assume that we’re working to address everything on this list! In the meantime, this post will also detail any workaround we have.

  • Crash issue with AMD R9 series cards: we’ve seen a number of crashes early in the game whose common factor is the AMD R9 series graphics card. Both our team and AMD are working to identify the issue in order to find a fix. We have no workaround at this time.

#Resolved issues

  • Occlusion culling can cause performance issues: we’ve identified a bug in the Unity game engine’s occlusion culling that on some machines will cause poor performance. We are working actively with the Unity team to help isolate the cause so that they can provide a fix. In the meantime, the video quality menu has a toggle that can disable Occlusion Culling. If you think you’re suffering from this issue, or if your performance drops dramatically during play please submit a log file (as noted on the bug report thread)


Overall performance