OFFICIAL: New release 1.0.2

Yes, that’s right: 1.0! Barring Steam achievements (in progress as we speak), this update is our candidate for the launch, and will likely be what initially ships on non-Steam platforms.

As ever there are a bunch of changes, not limited to:

  • tweaks to footstep sounds to fix issues on certain machines/soundcards
  • make sure first wave of missions is still unlocked if you skip the first bunker
  • nerfed the pistol to reduce its use at range
  • tweaked notifications on tutorial for clarity
  • try not to break the menus when a savegame is corrupted
  • you can use -allowunsupportedaspect at the command line to allow any resolution that your setup supports. (Note that we’ve not tested for all aspect ratios, but you’re welcome to try!)
  • made sure beam-weapon wielding bots can run
  • fixed missions being handed in from the respawn menu
  • fixed heal AoE not always working

Thank you as ever for your help, bugs and feedback, and for helping us polish the game to what we hope is a fine sheen!



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Excellent. Good luck with the launch.

We good to record now? :wink:

I refer you to my esteemed colleague’s tweet wotsit.

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Consider myself esteemed upon. :smiley: Thanks guys.

Do you want links posted into the forum to aid you locating videos? Maybe you could set up a sticky or something.

Sure, feel free to start a thread with a vid and I’ll sticky it right up.