[Question] Location specific damage?

I haven’t been able to work out if there is location specific damage. It there any point to lining up headshots?

If there is, it’s really hard to tell. What with the different bot health pools, shields, and you weapon damage, I can’t tell if it’s taking fewer headshots.

Also, do the massive backpacks on the beam bots explode when shot? I’ve one-shotted a few of them from the back, but maybe they are just weak bots.

If there is location damage, it would be good to indicate that somehow, change the HIT indicator colour or intensity maybe?

Also: I haven’t read all the weapon descriptions, but are any weapons specifically strong vs shields? It would be cool if there was a weapon to switch to esp for shields that was weak vs metal.
As it is I usually ignore them and shoot someone else first.
Or if they’re the last/most pressing target either engage my shields and dance around waiting, or pile on the damage to overwhelm it.
It’s a good mechanic that sometimes a bot can switch up it’s risk/reward priority, but it would be cool to be able to choose a counter.

There is actually a location damage mulitplier built into the hitboxes. Atm only a headshot deals extra damage (1.3x) while all other locations are at 1x damage. You’re right, we should probably signal if you land a headshot, I’ll look into implementing something on the HIT indicating scopes.

1.3x is slight so it wouldn’t have been super noticeable. Saving one shot for 3 landed headshots.

Any bonus on the turrets or spiders? I typically try to find a spot where I can see a fraction of them and they can’t get me, but I end up shooting a leg or wing thingy.