Questions to the developers - volumetric light :)

Hi Big Robot fellas!
First of all, congrats for the beautiful and awesome game!

As a learning Unity developers, we are wondering how your team achieve such a beautiful lighting system, speacially in terms of volumetrics…
Only now with the HD Pipeline Unity is evolving that aspect… but even with it, the volumetric light is not movable like we see in your game (the “flashlight” for the robots)… I know it can be faked, i wonder if it is case for your game :slight_smile:
Can you guys please share some light :slight_smile: on how do do you manage to achieve such a beatiful volumetric lighting?

Thanks a lot!

Hi! Thanks for posting - happy to hear you’re enjoying the game!

The volumetric lighting was a piece of third-party middleware that our art-wizard Olly coaxed into shape. I’m not sure how much that will help you if you’re trying to code your own, but the asset store is a very useful source of functionality for small teams (such as ourselves!).