Scanner Flash Options

Any chance I can get an option to disable the scanner flash? It’s really bright and it’s giving me a headache. It’s not helped by the fact that I’m a completionist and I want to find all the hidden do-dads.

You mean the flash when switching to and from scan vision?

We can probably tweak this to be less ‘strobey’ Would having the scan mode fully toggleable (ie not timeout also help with the issue)?

Hi, the less strobey the better also no timeout would be great. Make it turn off when shooting if you must.

There might genuinely need to be a seizure warning for the game. Not saying that’s bad, but I’d hate for someone to get unexpectedly triggered.

Also, how about if the scanner has no timeout, but makes bots really hard to see? In fiction it would treat them as “non-interesting”.
Then there would be a gameplay reason to turn it off manually.

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I’ve not noticed any problems with the flashing myself and like the effect but understand that other folks might have issues. Maybe an option to turn it off under GamePlay? Agree a warning might be wise if some are genuinely distressed by this effect.

We recently extended the default timer on scan mode by about 5 secs or so (its a compromise between you having to tap it too much to keep it up and it being on forever!), we have also made the transition strobe effect less intense. Hopefully these tweaks will make it easier to use and less jarring!

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