This game is true art

I’ve never been impressed by the setting and the atmosphere of a game like I am while playing Signal from Tölva.
It is more art than an ordinary game.
I’ve played this game for about 12h so far and there’s almost nothing that I don’t like.

I only have a few suggestions which may help to get an even better atmosphere:

  • I’d like to see the stars were moving during the night. I notice the sky is just static. I guess moving stars could be added relatively easy to the game and it may improve the atmosphere during night a lot.

  • I also miss to see at least one moon during night. Maybe even more than one could have a more exotic touch.

  • The sound level of the Scan Mode view should be slightly lower

  • The last suggestion is something which may work or may not work, I’m not sure about that. It could also have a negative impact on the performance. But it could be interesting if Tölva would have not only one but two suns like many solar systems have. This could cause some really interesting shadows.

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Good call on the stars. I’ll poke Tom in the eyes until he does it.

We did discuss moons, but elected for no moon in the end because we couldn’t be sure we could make one that worked. We might revisit that.

Two suns would, unfortunately, be impossible due to the way Unity lighting works, but also because doubling the shadows would kill performance.