We've been showing at the Rezzed Expo in London

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say that we have been showing the game for the last 3 days at the Rezzed Expo in London
And since there’s only 4 of us we’ve been pretty tied up with that process for a bit. The game went down really well, and (thanks to the feedback on this forum) has been pretty much bug free and smooth. We have a few things to fix that we spotted in the expo and a few more things from recent posts on the forum here (once we catch up!).

After that its release time

This means we will be prioritising gamebreaking bugs and errors, ahead of quality of life improvements or additional features. We will still follow up everything that is suggested and spotted here on the forums and will be supporting the game after release to fix issues implement improvements and adding whatever new content we can! SO KEEP TESTING!
Theres a recent build we pushed while at Rezzed that has a fair few changes in it and we really appreciate any feedback we can get on this.

Thanks Everyone!